[Not So Daily Top 10] 10 Cool Things

Lunch time, and I’m on a blogging break (because lunch breaks are expensive).  It’s très hot outside, perfect beach weather, I would say. Yet once again, I’m being a responsible tax payer, stuck here at work with a million things to do on my list.

So here’s today’s top 10. No particular category, just 10 things that I like at the moment.

from But It Does Float

oh and as a bonus:

Lourd de Veyra’s graduation speech for UP Mass Comm Batch 2012.  – in which he says “Dapat may maglabas ng ganyang slogan sa advertising, “BAWAL MAGING TANGA.” Nagtatampisaw tayo sa baha ng impormasyon.” and that pretty much says everything there is to say to today’s youth.

On Green Coats

I know I said I would cut back on the shopping but that doesn’t mean I can’t oggle pretty clothes and wish upon a falling star to make them mine, right?

So I just wanted to share how this Green Coat is delicious.

from Hatch Maternity Wear. (yes, maternity wear)

Why it’s awesome:

  • That Green. It’s GREEN! Forest-y, fresh, earth-y, relaxing, zen-like Green. (so I’m a fan of green, sue me)
  • That crisp collar that keeps its shape. I’m not a fan of pop-up collars or as I would like to call them, “douche collars”, but on this, I think it’s forgivable. It’s “flaps” are big enough to protect you from the cool wind and won’t make you look like a wanna-be prep school preggo.
  • It’s pretty roomy. Since it’s made for pregnant woman, it’s not meant to hug any shapes and curves (I think. Or at least that’s how I see it).  And since I’m not far from looking like I’m 6-months into my pregnancy anyway (I’m fat, not pregnat), I think it’ll suit me just fine. Yey for its silhoutte.
  • It’s length. It’s not too short that it’ll look like just a normal jacket. But it’s not too long that it’ll look like I’m being swallowed alive by fabric.
  • Half-sleeves! I can wear it even when it’s not “that cold”. And it’s lined with fleece so it’ll still keep me toasty warm.

Why I can’t have it:

  • It’s $330! Not only is it already P14k (at P43 peso-dollar rate), this doesn’t include the probably equally preposterous shipping cost (since it’s only available in the US and I’m in 3rd world Manila). And add to that the “customs tax” (aka lagay) our government will ask from me before they release it to my eager hands.
  • Have you experienced Manila weather? It’s always hot here! When on heaven’s name will I wear this here? But then again I can always use it for when I finally go to Canada or when I go to Japan (November can’t get here soon enough!), or when I finally spend a few months living in New York/London. So yeah, scratch this reason why I can’t have it.
  • Did I mention the price? And the fact that I’m on a shopping fast to save up for my “escape fund“.

But a girl can dream that a knight in shining armour will purchase this for to make her happy, right? Right.


[Dead in The Eyes] 1

she wore orange in november. white in december. and blue in the summer. on the inside, she just wanted to be invisible (although her cleavage implies otherwise).

Dead In The Eyes – a new project wherein I hope to excercise sarcasm, irony and plain ol’ dickery by providing captions to pretentious photos (mine wil lbe included – sometimes).

To be honest, I was too busy looking at the cherry blossoms behind her that I didn’t notice that this was supposed to be a “fashion” picture.